The "intellectual" cooling system of Dreambox 7000 S satellite receivers

Today we will talk about such a trite subject as cooling satellite receivers in particular Dreambox 7000 S receivers. There are a lot of ways to make the receiver work in proper way. Most of our rival firms choose the easiest way of cooling these receivers - they install only coolers into the receiver. It is the cheapest way but in has a number of shortcomings: permanent working of coolers leads to their quick breakdown.

We have created the unique method of cooling “Dreambox 7000 S” receiver. In fact the system with two coolers remains unchanged but the coolers' control board is added (photo 1).

The work of coolers' control board is simple: temperature sensor element (photo 2) reads the temperature and microcontroller analyses the temperature level.

Coolers' control board in dreambox Temerature sensor element in dreambox receiver Jumpers on coolers' control board in Dreambox receiver
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

If the temperature level is different from the set by jumpers on coolers' control board (photo 3) then the first cooler starts operating (photo 4). After the temperature falls inside Dreambox 7000 S the cooler stops operating. If the temperature continues to rise the second cooler turns on (photo 5). Both of coolers switch off when temperature takes normal value.

The first cooler in Dreambox receiver The second cooler in Dreambox receiver
photo 4 photo 5

Coolers' control board is placed inside "Dreambox 7000 S" near the power supply. It occupies not very much place as evident from the fotos (photo 6,7).

Coolers' control board in Dreambox receiver Coolers' control board in Dreambox receiver Connectors in Dreambox receiver
photo 6 photo 7 photo 8

All the connections are made with the standard type of connectors (photo 8) which let us change coolers in case of their filling with dust or breakdown.

It is necessary to mention that we have installed about 20 such cooler systems and all of them work excellently. The coolers' control board configuration allows us to keep optimal temperature for the perfect operating of "Dreambox 7000 S" (even the work of "Dreambox 7000 S" in closed boxes for tv and radio is possible). In "stand by" position the coolers don't work but in operating condition they work for about 4 minutes. This cooling system can be installed in other receivers.

In conclusion: The system costs 55$. You can order installation at our company or do it yourself accoding to the instruction enclosed to the system. It will not take much of your time and effort. For further information you can give us a call on the telephone numbers (925) 517 26 82, or send us a e-mail message:


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