Thunderstorm - this is very serious!

This natural phenomenon causes a lot of problems (fire, breaks of electricity power supply, outage of different radio equipment). One cannot say that this summer was hot but thunderstorms were heavy. This summer a lot of people brought us receivers that somehow had suffered from thunderstorms. Mainly receivers had such breakage as: broken input circuit of tuners and broken LNB power supply. Below we describe such a situation:

The satellite receiver “EchoStar DSB 700” was brought to us for repair. This is a plain FTA device. According to the owner words it was wrote in the repair blank that during the watching TV program the lightning had struck and the receiver had begun smoking. The picture had stopped. And the receiver had not worked any more.

Certainly it had not been direct hit of lightning in the satellite dish but somewhere close to it. When the direct hit into the satellite dish the receiver burns down completely and the place to which it is connected also burns.

When opened the receiver the charred chip of LNB power supply and LNB control appeared (photo 1, photo 2).

chip of LNB chip of LNB
photo 1 photo 2

Our repairman had to take out this chip longer than usually. It turned out to be that the temperature rate had been so high that receiver board had burnt completely, some paths had disappeared.

The repairman spent much time for restoring the improper conductors.(photo 3 and photo 4).

EchoStar DSB 700 EchoStar DSB 700
photo 3 photo 4

But sometimes there is no possibility to restore the receiver because the breakage can be so big that it is easier to throw it away or take it to pieces and buy a new one. You can find out repair cost and its advisability only after opening it and after the repairman conclusion.

In order to avoid such breakages you can follow the following recommendations:

1. To ground safely the sat dish in the place of its mounting.

In any case if it happened you shouldn't get disappointed and you can turn to the specialists who repaired more than one hundred receivers. The prices for repair you can see in the following section "Repair and modernization" or you can find out it by telephones: (495) 517 26 82

Review was made by: Yaroslav Sevitskiy.

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