Doesn't work Dreambox remote control unit?

We have already written in our articles that it is better to send back to the plant some consignments of Dreambox satellite receivers, because the quality control of output goods is absent at all!

It happens that you can buy your long-expected Dreambox satellite receiver, bring it home, unpack it, switch it on and.... It turns out to be that a remote control unit doesn't work: pressing any buttons on remote control unit doesn't produce any reaction on Dreambox receiver. Your first thought is that the remote control unit doesn't work. But you shouldn't hurry. Most likely that there is a broken IR diode in your Dreambox receiver (photo 1). And everything is OK with your remote control unit.

Such kind of breakage can appear very seldom during time of exploiting of Dreambox receiver. It can only appear in case of power supply unit breakage. But what should you do if you wasn't able to check Dreambox' capacity for work at the seller?

The solution is easy: you can find IR diode that has the same sizes and parameters.

There are various IR diodes that can replace original, but we are most interested in those that have three pins(+5v, Gnd, Data) and small sizes. Then in result of small operations with soldering unit (photo 2) you can return Dreambox receiver for normal operation work.

IR diode in remote control unit of Dreambox satellite receiver Replace of IR diode in remote control unit of Dreambox satellite receiver
photo 1 photo 2

Then you should make some improvements in the landing gap of IR diode (photo 3). It is neccessary to fix firmly the cover body in its proper place that it isn't loose when pressing the buttons on the front panel.

On photo 4 the cover body is fixed on its proper place and a new IR diode was put on the place of the broken one.

After such a small repair all the exchange characteristics (remote control unit -> Dreambox ) have been restored by 100%, and with some specimens we managed to raise the distance of work of remote control unit.

In conclusion we would like to say that when you buy Dreambox receiver you should check it carefully.

P.S. The problem is solved differently for resalers.

Landing gap of IR diode in remote control unit of Dreambox satellite receiver Cover body of IR diode in remote control unit of Dreambox satellite receiver
photo 3 photo 4

The review was made by: Yaroslav Sevitskiy

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