Dreambox error UC0

Dream Multimedia error UC0

Many people are afraid of this message on LCD screen (photo 1).

What is this sinister inscription that can appear on LCD screen of your Dreambox? Everything is simple: dream-multimedia support services informs us that this is I2C BUS error by which communicates all Dreambox modules (LCD screen, Scart multiplexor, entrance tuner), but in our repair practice it was always entrance tuner (photo 2).

The cause of this is breakage of chip STVO299 (photo 3), which is controlled by I2C.

Entrance tuner in satellite receiver Dreambox Chip STV0299 in satellite receiver Dreambox
photo 2 photo 3

There are two ways out: you can change the tuner unit or change only the chip STVO299

We choose less expensive way and change the broken chip. We carefully solder out of Dreambox the entrance tuner (photo 4), then solder out the chip (photo 5).

Soldered  out entrance tuner in satellite receiver Dreambox Soldered out chip in satellite receiver Dreambox
photo 4 photo 5

Then we install the new chip (photo 6). Then we place back in Dreambox the entrance tuner (photo 7).

In conclusion: we are gathering information about the causes leading to this breakage, and in future we will write about it.

New chip, Dreambox Placing back the entrance tuner
photo 6 photo 7

The review was made by: Yaroslav Sevitskiy

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